Monday, July 27, 2009

Days Worthwhile =)

Today is a day of relief, finally I just finished my last presentation for Piano Pedagogy as well as my Conducting Skill final =D Getting through this semester just boosted my self-confidence in delivering presentations and also doing improvisation stuff in front of everyone.

Basically I rushed my both my preparations till this morning around 5 a.m. or last minute work, but what I did not predicted for both my presentation and final is that it went on OK although I unconsciously dunno what the crap I blurted out in both my Piano Pedagogy presentation thus my Conducting Skill final whereby I just conducted hardly without any preparation before hand yet talk so much on the background and theory part of Tchaikovsky's String Quartet in order to 'entertain' the players.

So what actually happen yesterday that cause me to slacked and postponed my responsibilities???

Answer: Kepong trip =D

So actually it all started with lunch at Taman Connaught with Nicholas and Karen. Then Nic got the urge of savoring durians after lunch, so we all made plans on determine the location to find durian stores - SS2 Durian in PJ, Taman Desa, Cheras etc. End up, Kepong became our destination since Eliz, our Ms. UCSI School of Music Drama Queen lives there =P

The whole trip took us an hour to reach there around 1.50pm, so we spend our next few hours at one of the shopping malls in Kepong, forgot name lo... Karen had Marrybrown's Kid Set Meal ==ll and the rest of the time we went window shopping till 4.30pm (Eliz's work end time).

Then we went over to Eliz's house to play around her house compound thus harrass her dog, Twinkle =P

After that, we went to the street nearby Eliz's house where they have couple of durian stalls + pasar malam

Amount spent just on the durian: RM47 (due to its grade and species known as "Mao Shan Wang"), the flesh of it was golden yellowish in color, sweet, tender, creamy, melts in your mouth....(lost of words to describe) yet the seed is sunken and almost flat in shape.

Later, we went to Desa Parkcity, the place which I visited last time. Definately a high-class area as residents around the place bring their pure breed dogs to walk around the park or fly kites and nearby the park is a shopping area which Eliz also work there. We feasted on the mangosteens which we bought just before we left at the durian stalls. In no time, the whole 3kg bag of mangosteens was gobbled down by 4 of us.

Along the way, I (because I was sabatoging Nic's camera for most of the time) took of those dogs without the conscience of their owners.... (Maybe I think they dun even care lo) We also met Dave, 'qing mei zhu ma' (known each other since young), very, very good friend of Eliz to join us for steamboat dinner.

I know, the pictures above does not look insane enough, just one of the normal random shots we did there. We did a lot of stupid stuff there but probably the embarrassing ones are not even featured.

Steamboat ingredients, purposely focus on the prawns because it is the main highlight =P

After done with dinner then back home to Cheras again.... Total amount splurged that day, RM33 (lunch + steamboat + durian feast). Getting poor already by end of this month........ T.T

Friday, July 24, 2009

Getting Sick Is Not A Cool Thing At All

Guess I am caught up with flu + cough + running nose + throat inflammation + headache + fever for the past 2 weeks and just recovered a lot.... But still a bit of throat irritant tat causes me to cough especially during cold temperature. (Yet 100 times better as compared to previous week)
This is probably one of the "lame reasons" I bid my blog for a temporary farewell, LOL. You tell me where got mood one to blog when internet connection is like snail crawling while running down with fever at the same time =P
Anyway, wanna make a summary on the important events that occurred. First, 2 weeks ago probably... Stayed overnight at Winston, Karen and Nic's house since I was down with early stage of flu (Screw you people saying tat it's H1N1 ==) Had brewed Chinese medicine which I got after seeking the Chinese doctor. His advice, stay away from the fan and no shower for 2 days while sweating out all the heat from my body if possibly can.... Sticky and smelly if you can imagine yet still had to clad myself with the blanket feeling like a overheated-hippo.

Trust me, it taste like rotten sour with an aftermath bitter taste

Karen's medicine, more appetizing than mine, filled with bugs for the recovery of her throat before she go for the Jeju choir performance

OK, so I recovered from my flu then Sat was having bad running nose.... Monday again, sick again @.@ Down with fever... and it got worsen for Monday and Tuesday after going for classes while getting the chill from the air-con. So Tue night after KLPac rehearsal, went see the doctor nearby my housing area to get 2 days of medical leave. Wed and Thu, stayed at home having porridge and vomited after 1 of my dinner due to acid reflux. By Thu night, go attend the KLPac rehearsal again and performed the next two nights (Gosh, I coughed badly during the Four Seasons performance, luckily wasn't audible to the audience and had diarrhoea at the same time because of the side-effects of my medication I took). Sat morning, convocation performance somemore...
Switch on to news from what happened in Korea, apparently three of our coursemates landed in Jeju airport and got quarantined because of.... H1N1!!! What a bummer. Their whole trip which was to attend the choir masterclass went down the drain and only had one performance privately in front of the organizer during the last day before going back to M'sia. Actually the UCSI choir was supposed to be back on Sunday, 19 Aug, end up they post-poned their stay till Thu, 23 Aug just because of the quarantine thingy =P
In conclusion, to get yourself sick is so "CHEAP, EASY & CONVENIENT", to recover from "WASTE MONEY, ENERGY & TIME".... So, take care folks =)

P/S: Total damage of my medication.... RM95.50 (not included health food which I bought later, apple cider vinegar, vitamin C tablets, crude rice... etc. probably another RM100+.... Sobs T.T