Saturday, October 24, 2009

My First Working Experience in KL

Dooms day is near, guess what? Jury is just around the corner.... ARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =.=

Yesterday had a unlucky day of spending so much on taxi fare just to go for a fren's temporary violin replacement class, just hope tat the amount earned yesterday enough to cover the taxi fare cost.

Just reminds me back 5 months ago used to taught in 1 of the music centers not far from Taman Connaught. However I quitted the job by lying to the boss tat i cannot coped with my studies.

My reasons of quitting the job?
1) Having a mere small number of 3 students after nearly 5 months of teaching, waste my time waiting taxi and then 2 hours later go back again, sien
2) Students giving last minute call of canceling the class due to sickness, mother not back from work so no transport (particularly 1 student who miss her classes at least twice or once per month due to tat), replacement school day on Sat (==)#^%. Yet have to replaced the lessons...
3) Small amount of income, wont mind for the first few months but c'mon, other teachers gained increament of students, mine didnt... Aside from tat, I get merely 55% out from the 100% and they deduct another 10% every month from my salary for the office charges, WTF
4) Unflexible job time... Plans on tat day (eg. outing with frens, my own lesson outside) hav to get cancelled or postponed. Aside from tat, for 2 or 3 lessons I managed to find my frens WHO ARE QUALIFIED to replace yet the boss make a big fuss out of it ==

Obviously I lost my interest in working for a center which has bad system management. Damn relief by the next month i quit =)

Lesson learned in KL from my first teaching job: Always set your own policy before-hand for the music studios or centers to take notice so you wont get short-changed

Teaching back in my hometown, stress-free and flexible although pay low during my sem-break.