Friday, August 21, 2009

Up, up and away....

Usually I won't be rating or ranting how good movies are since I am not a fan in watching movies. Yet I take it as a leisure activity since now I am stranded in Sibu without much things to plan ahead within these two weeks semester break.

This afternoon went to watch the 3D animation movie"Up" (Pixar collaboration with Disney, woohoo) at our Sibu very own King's Theater (the one located around Premium Hotel, rather old and historical cinema). Thank God today is Friday afternoon in Sibu as there was hardly any people within the studio as I counted there was only around 17 people in a 200 seats cinema =D (no distractions as well)

To be honest, I was quite pleased as a whole after finish watching the show. Why???

First thing of cause is their well-planned plot. It just disgust me to see nowadays movie which have boring plots and does not give me the impression of having to watch for the second time. How I liked the movie was the way the scene of the old man and his wife from their younger days till their old age been clearly bought out which did not fail to amaze me.

Aside from that, the background music of the same tune applied within the movie just repeated throughout the entire movie yet depicted with different character also is a huge factor. The tune in F Major key easily creates different mood based on the change of tempo and instrumentation used. The 3/4 time signature of the music also creates the slow or fast waltz or something I bet throughout different scenes.

Moreover, I like how the straight-fowardness of the way they present the characters. If a person is good means good, bad means bad (black and white). No need all those complicated relationship between so and so... just only confuses people la == It brings back childhood memories of fairytales and fantasies which I would recommend to those who need a mental break from the complex society of ours =D Adults recommended, LOL

Anyway, it is still my opinion anyway on the movie. So if you happen to have the opportunity to go to the cinema, better not missed it =)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

As Expected To Be

Tomorrow's my violin jury exam and guess what? My E string just snapped again as I have counted in almost every important event (exams)..... =.=

Thank goodness I just changed both t G & E string as 1 is broken and 1 is wearing off its outer layer. Just hope that they won't snap right on my face tomorrow =P

1 of the worst scenarios to happen within the performance, luckily it never happen to me....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Reflection on Today's Assessment

Just grant me a pass or more for my CME and I will be satisfied =.= Darn tat stupid dry recital hall and my poor bow control.... Probably not even a B or C+ for my grade..... -__-

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Chocolate Analyzing XD

It is a blessing been a chocoholic myself whereby these chocolates that contain endorphins just boost my mood from time to time, all except after I am down with sore-throat due to over consumption.

I dun dare to consider myself a chocolate connoisseur, yet I got my standards in approving what is good chocolate and the lousy thing. Belgium offers the best by far, Hawaiian macadamia nuts coated in chocolate also rocks, Swiss Toblerone chocolate, Holland's Pastilles chocolate etc..... Ferrero Rocher still consider OK just because as everytime going back to my hometown, one of the supermarkets sell half price once their chocolate gonna expired within a month or two end up my father buy boxes of it thus end up getting sick eating the same thing, LOL.

Reflecting back the packet of M&M's that gave me sore throat for days, oh what an irony.... Anyway the chocolate is still great though. Mars, Snickers chocolate energy bars - an energy booster yet makes you thirsty at the same time for its sweetness. Cadbury - not my personal favourite though, still depense on where it is manufactured, New Zealand and Australia offers great varieties and even the packaging looks nice too, Malaysia on the other hand suck somehow because of their quality control probably and also too sweet for my liking ( The Black Forest flavor one still acceptable but I will only buy when there is promotion =P)

Beryl's, a Malaysian manufactured chocolate still beats our own local Cadbury fair and square. Reasons: wider varities, better texture, even exported to even other countries (quite obvious la the difference)

By far, the worst probably should go to one chocolate by the name of KokoJelly, I think. It brings back my past memories as a primary schoold kid whereby I ate during CNY or probably bought them from school canteen gua...
Reasons why it suck: Lousy chocolate texture with too much soy lecithin, unfresh peanuts (some burned, some got sour taste... -__-). Anyway, what I can conclude tat it does not taste like decent chocolate at all.

By the way gonna present to you, something not be missed: Daim, product of Sweden

There are probably like a thousand small chucks of chocolate contained within one small packet. I dunno exactly how to describe what ingredients used in producing it, yet I can confirm it taste like butterscotch or honeycomb like thingy with little bits of almonds, coated with milky chocolate. Although just 100g, it is more than enough to give you diabetes... So eat in moderation, haha

Now it is just half price only in Ikano. Normal price: RM9.90, Now: RM5.00. Get it while stock last =D

P/S: I am not doing any advertising nor gonna get any money out from this, just a little bit of my sharing though =P

P/SS: Dammit, I am now addicted to Daim

Final Exam Coming.....

Yet I have no idea why I am still in the mood of taking things easy and slacking about.....??? (-__-)Zzz